Factors to consider when hiring a contractor

Posted on February 13, 2017 By

The quality of your building project will depend quite a lot on the capability and the skill of the contractor that you hire. You may have a comprehensive and excellent design for a project but you will still need to construct it. If the quality of construction is poor, the occupants of the building will suffer and there will have to be frequent repairs and replacements. Therefore it is very important that you thoroughly research the capability of a contractor before you hire them. You might have to take a lot of time to research potential contractors but this is better than facing complications in the middle of the project. You can always visit an on-going site that is managed by the contractor or a completed project to check the quality of work. You can also inspect the skill of the workmen when it comes to complex tasks such as carrying out a survey using an aerial drone Brisbane or geotechnical investigations.

You can talk to the contractor, his clients and observe how the work is carried out. There are certain documents you need to ask the contractor for to ensure his credibility. Some examples are the contractor’s license and registration number, proof of bond coverage for the complete replacement of project cost, proof of liability insurance, proof or worker’s compensation insurance for the employees etc. You can also ask the contractor for a resume that will include the number of years the firm has been practising, the level of training, financial stability, credit standing and references of their previous clients. You can also visit their website to see what type of services they offer. Some will have a large variety of services like pipe & cable locating in Brisbane for site examination purposes, project management, survey methods etc. You can also gain information about the reliability of the crew, the level of skill displayed in performance, site supervision methods, fair pricing, use of material etc. from the company website. There are many things you should clear with the contractor before you decide on hiring them.

Make sure that the contractor sticks to the schedule and that their crew is adequate for the scope of the project. They should also be open to questions and input from the clients. Their level of responsiveness should be examined. Ask the contractor if you can obtain a copy of the standard contract so that you can inspect it for terms of payment, conflict resolution, change order practices, the reference to drawings etc. You should also keep in mind that cheap contractors might not be very reliable when it comes to quality of work of ground penetrating radar Gold Coast, visit this site . While you should choose a contractor within a budget, you should not sacrifice quality for cost.

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