Things You Must Know About Thermography

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First of all what is thermal imaging? The answer to this question is very simple, but this might be new to many people. Thermal imaging refers to the technology of formation of images with the help of infrared and thermal detecting cameras. These cameras produce images with respect to the change in the temperature. According to the scientists, an opaque object (black body) emits an electromagnetic spectrum in a thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment, and this is called as black body radiation.

Normally these electromagnetic spectrum can’t be detected by our naked eyes. But modification and advancement in technology has allowed us to create a device which can be used to form the images of the object using the infrared and thermal detection cameras. If there is a change in temperature, it can easily be detected by the use of these cameras and images can be formed. The formation of images using this technique is called as thermograms. It can easily be used to detect humans and all the warm-blooded animals. While, there are some animals who uses this ability to catch their prey, the best example here can be the snake. Snakes use their ability of thermal imaging to catch their prey easily and effectively. There are many uses of this thermal imaging.

Medical usage

There are many medical usages of this thermal imaging, especially in detection various types of images The radiations emitted by the body changes with the temperature. This can easily be detected by using the infrared cameras. Medical Thermography uses an infrared camera to measure the metabolism thermoregulation or the thermal energy emitted by the body. With the use of this pattern we can easily detect the root cause of allergies, dental pathology, breast cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, dental pathologies, immune dysfunction, headaches, carotid artery disease and many other types of medical issue. It is most helpful in detecting the breast cancer much earlier than other detection tools.

Industrial usage

There are many industrial uses of electrical, thermal imaging. In fact. The industrial usage of thermal imaging has increased too much in the last few years. There are many things which can be done by the use of thermal imaging or thermography especially with the detection of problems before its occurrence which could cause severe damage for shaft alignment. This can be used at the time of construction of the building. It can easily detect the loss of heat because of the poor window, wall and roof performance. There are many industrial uses of thermal imaging apart from this.

Military application

 As using this infrared imaging system, we can easily see through the dark and can form images also. While we all know that there are many top secret military projects which require the people to travel through the dark undetected. Use of thermal imaging can be very handy there.                       

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