Maintaining Your Lifting Equipment Over Long Periods Of Time

Posted on May 22, 2015 By

When operating in a large scale industry, chances are you deal with a lot of different tools and types of machinery. Lifting machinery is one of the most common types of equipment, whether you work in construction or other similar industries. If you run such a business, you probably know already how expensive such things can get. Therefore, it is in your interest to find cost efficiency, but also ensure that your workers know how to operate the equipment. Risky equipment also requires special training sessions, especially if the risks may cause death or severe injuries. Training is actually required by the law. Otherwise, you might be held responsible for any accident your workers get involved in.

When it comes to the actual maintenance, keeping the lifting equipment in the best possible shape should be a main priority. Different types of equipment come with different specifications at Total Lifting Solutions. Some of these rules are given by the manufacturer. Others make common sense. For instance, every moving part must be thoroughly lubricated round the clock. Is there hydraulic oil involved in the operation? If it is, then it has to be checked on a regular basis. It must be between the minimum and maximum marked level.

Regular maintenance should be scheduled every once in a while. The wires need to be tested, but also changed if they look worn or overused. Wires may also get deformed, stranded or corroded. Some of them can be repaired, while others need immediate replacement. Do not forget about the base either. Look for cracks and issues at the foundation.

The load shifting path is one of the elements that make the difference. It needs to be analyzed before every operation. It should be crystal clear and properly lit too. There must not be any obstruction or hindrance during the operation.

If any potential problems are spotted, the lifting operation has to be ceased, only to prevent risks. It is critical to clean the planned path. It is also recommended checking the light fittings. If they impair the operator’s vision, they must be changed or downgraded. Any type of issue can become a disaster, regardless of how insignificant it seems. Large scale industries are not to fool around with because they can become fatal. The man is too insignificant to overlook the importance of such equipment, so constant care is vital.

In the long run, proper maintenance and care will not only prevent harmful accidents, but they will also keep your equipment in a good shape for as long as possible. There is just no better way to improve the cost efficiency.

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