Benefits Of Using Technology In Your Warehouse

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The success of a warehouse depends entirely on efficiency. No such a workplace can achieve success without achieving high level of efficiency. It is an essential in the modern lean manufacturing environments and all the operations associated with it, including warehouse operations. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping improve efficiency. So what can you do to improve your overall productivity using the latest technology solutions?

1. Automate Everything

Your order pickers are spending over 60% of their time moving the items around. An automated system can help minimize the overall travel time. Such systems can help bring down the time wasted in inefficient movements by more than 40%. You could use multi-level pick towers and similar innovative solutions to save travelling time. Besides, there are many electric forklift for sale perth that can help you improve your overall productivity.

2. Sequencing Orders with Software

Software can help sequence your orders by choosing optimal path and grouping together more challenging picks, single lines, and same-zone orders. The right programs and the use of the right electric forklift for sale in Perth can save significant amount of time on your warehouse floor. Such programs are capable of organizing your entire workflow and help achieve improved sequence performance.

3. Explore the Technology Options
When it comes to embracing technology solutions, you will come across too many options. You could include many technological factors into the entire scenario, covering all aspects of your operations. Examples include RF, bar codes, pick-to-light, voice-based systems, and pick-to-label. The technologies have been developed to help improve accuracy and productivity with picking.

4. Evaluate & Improve your Picking System
Every warehouse will have a unique picking methodology. Before you choose the right technology, make sure to consider what picking technique suits you best. It could be:
• Batch picking
• Multi-order
• Single order
• Zone picking
Analyse this before you determine the technology solution.

6. GPS Systems
An increasing number of businesses are using GPS systems for managing their loading and shipping aspects. The unique thing about loading and shipping is that here the principle of first in-first out doesn’t apply. When it comes to loading, it is required to follow things in reverse order. The first items to be unloaded are the last items.

The benefit of using GPS systems is that they help in optimizing your overall routing, loading and delivery systems. The advantage of this technology is that this will improve your customer satisfaction. Whenever your customers ask, you will be able to answer where there shipments are.

Software systems, communication technology and organisation systems can help in keeping your overall warehouse operations efficient. The systems will help minimize errors, enhance productivity and increase of your business.

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