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Landscaping is any type of earthmoving which includes the modifying of visual features of land. This can include:

  • living elements, commonly known as gardening, which includes the growing of plants and flowers in order to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape;
  • human elements such as structures, buildings or fences;
  • natural elements such as bodies of water, terrain elevation and shape, and landforms;
  • abstract elements such as lightning conditions and environmental factors such as the weather.

Landscaping is different from ordinary earthmoving services at Gold coast and construction in that it requires a higher expertise in horticultural artistic design.

Landscaping varies according to different regions in the world, and requires significant study and observation of the land in order to plan the earthmoving operation beforehand. Features such as terrain, soil, and native vegetation should be taken into account, and a complete understanding of the site is essential to successful landscaping.

In certain instances, the land is unsuitable for landscaping, therefore the land must be reshaped, or graded, by the use of heavy machinery transport and equipment. When heavy machinery transport is used to remove earth from the land, it is known as cutting. The addition of earth to the land is known as filling. When planning a landscaping based earthmoving project, it should be taken into account that the process of grading can often include the removal of excessive waste, rocks and earth.

Landscaping Machinery

Machinery and tools used for landscaping can range from the drawing tools used to plan the design, to heavy machinery transport and equipment used to grade the land and achieve the desired result of the earthmoving operation. Landscapers also use semi-trailer hire safe and efficient removal of debris, rocks, and forest materials from the site.

Flatbed semi-trailers may be a suitable choice of semi-trailer when considering semi-trailer hire for landscaping, as they can carry almost any cargo which is able to be strapped down to the flatbed floor. If the area comprises of a large amount of debris and waste construction materials, a dump truck may be considered for semi-trailer hire in order to ensure the easy deposit of waste away from the site.

For grading the land, it is usually necessary to enlist the use of heavy machinery transport such as bulldozers, excavators. These forms of heavy machinery transport are usually vital to any earthmoving project, and in the case of landscaping are used to remove excess earth, rocks and debris from the site in order to make it suitable for the landscaping project.

Other heavy machinery used in landscaping include lawnmowers, used to cut the length of the grass. These are available as a form of heavy machinery transport which are driven and usually used in larger areas, or in a smaller, more compact form which is pushed by hand and used in smaller, usually residential areas. Landscaping can also require the use of chainsaws to enable the removal of any unwanted trees from the area.


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