Disaster Management Activities

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Due to the changes in the geographical conditions and other changes that can occur in the atmosphere can cause different types of natural calamities and disasters. When any such calamities occur, people can get affected badly unless proper precautions have been taken. Sometimes they can even lose their lives along with their properties and everything due to the severity of the disaster that has occurred or due to poor measures were taken. There are few government organizations that can have all kinds of equipment’s that can help them in detecting and identify the calamity that can occur with the changes in the scales on their devices. They can alert the people by intimating them with the danger and severity of the storms, or earthquakes or any other disasters and can save the lives and properties of the people to a certain extent.

In order to avoid such consequences, the governments have been introducing the disaster management department in which different people can be recruited based on their qualifications and experience and can be trained according to the needs of the department. They can be trained to fight against the calamity and can rescue the people and their assets. There are some measures that can be taken pre-disaster so as to reduce the effect of the disaster and some steps have to be followed immediately after the occurrence of disasters to save and rescue the victims and can provide them with necessary medical aid and other necessities like food, clothing and shelter. There are various disaster management activities that can be carried out by these people that include:

• Framing a committee which can analyze the situations and can respond accordingly.

• Performing and initiating the preventive measures as pre-disaster management activities which can help in reducing major losses like:

i. Moving the people to the safe areas where they cannot get affected by the disaster

ii. Protecting their properties, assets and pets etc.

iii. Preventive measures to avoid much loss of communication and electrical systems

iv. Storing the abundant food stocks that can be used for future purposes.

v. Avoiding people to move from their places to reduce their risk for life.

After the occurrence of the disaster, the committees have to provide the necessary help to those who have been suffering.

• Rescuing the people from the affected areas to the safe places

• Performing the tasks like storm water drainage solutions, resolving electricity and communication system

• Providing drinking water and necessary medical aid to the victims

• Immediate action to restore their houses and other accommodations

• Providing food and other necessary requirements to the needed people

It can be very important to take necessary steps to recover their houses and to provide the storm water drainage solutions to those who got affected by floods and over stagnation of storm water. After introducing the disaster management committees they have been succeeded in reducing the loss that has been occurred since years due to the disasters.

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